Perfect regional pairings

Perfect regional pairings

Its asparagus season and beautiful spring dishes are filling up our menus. What better to drink than a fresh and vibrant English wine. The quality of English wines now mean they are a serious choice on any wine list. A crisp and lively English Bacchus makes a perfect pairing for native asparagus. Its clean herbaceous flavours showing off the delicate nature of the vegetable.

Food and wine from the same region are matches made to go together. Here are some of our other favourite regional pairings:

1.    Muscadet and Oysters:

Muscadet is produced in vineyards that sit right where the Loire River meets the sea. This wine is lean and citrusy with a hint of salinity and a wonderful match with fresh oysters from the region. The crisp acidity makes the oysters feel even more rich and creamy.

2.    Italian Reds and Tomatoes:

Tomatoes have naturally high acidity and need wines that can mirror this character, to avoid falling flat. Italian reds are the perfect match, for tomato based dishes, with their fresh acidity and rustic earthy flavours. They also complement the combination of herbs and spices found in many Italian dishes.

3.    Steak and Argentinian Malbec:

Argentina is arguably the most famous beef-producing, and steak-consuming, nation on earth. Highly flavoured cuts, marbled with fat, call for a red with body and structure and firm tannins…. Step up Malbec!

Malbec is a grape with the necessary tannin structure to clean up a steak's fat from your palate. The ripe fruit, in Malbec from the warmer climate of Argentina, will add a softness to the slightly bitter charring on grilled steaks.

4.    Tawny port and Pastéis de Nata:

Tawny port is not just for cheese and this classic Portuguese ‘custard tart’ makes another delicious match to seek out. The nuttiness of the port adds complexity, while the sweetness matches the rich pastry, to make a really decadent pairing! Give it a try!

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