5 reasons to upgrade your restaurant glassware

5 reasons to upgrade your restaurant glassware

5 very good reasons why your wine glasses are essential to your restaurant's success.


1. Good looks count - You know that feeling when you walk into a restaurant, and all the tables are laid up with beautiful glassware. It’s a happy feeling. It gives you a lot of confidence in what’s to come. You think to yourself, ‘These guys take their wine seriously'. 'They know what they’re doing here’. It’s a message of trust. This is the right place to loosen the purse strings, to order a serious bottle of wine. (Action point: set up your venue with wine glasses already on the table, cleanly polished and perfectly aligned.)


2. Taste the difference – With good glassware, the wine will actually taste and smell better. Ultimately, we want to exceed our guest’s expectations, and there’s no better way to show off a wine’s full range of flavours, than with careful selected glassware. There’s a full range of options, at many different price points. Many designed for specific grape varieties and regions. But as a general rule, look for a glass with a tapered, tulip-shaped bowl, a thin-rimmed edge and a delicate stem. (Action point: make your standard wine glass, a great wine glass, one that ticks all the boxes and make every glass of wine count.)


3. Everyone loves an upgrade – We’re all comfortable with standard service, but let’s be honest, everyone likes to feel a little bit special. Keep a set of premium wine glasses ready to use when a guest orders one of your better bottles of wine. Not only does the wine deserve it, but your guest may well expect it. But why even wait? If you have a favourite or regular customer visiting, why not treat them, regardless of the price of the wine. Be flexible. Setting limits based on the price of the wine can be dangerous or feel elitist. (Action point: invest in a starter set of big red wine glasses and good Champagne flutes and start to notice guest reactions.)


4. Your staff will thank you – All front of house staff want to make a good impression. They like to deliver amazing dishes and sexy cocktails. Things that have the wow factor. When it comes to showing off with wine, glassware is your best friend. If you have a have a policy of using premium glassware with premium wines, your team will make more effort to upsell. It’s a great incentive. You can't beat the theatre of removing the standard glasses, and coming back with some seriously impressive stemware. It’s what hosting is all about. (Action point: taste-test with your staff. Pour the same wine into 2 different glasses and let them see the difference.)


5. Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching – Ah, that sweet sound of cash registers singing (or POS systems beeping). All this hard work and effort won’t go to waste. You’ll start to see a positive effect on your sales figures. Increased sales will more than make up for the investment in the glassware itself. This will encourage you to add more wines to the list. Your waiters will see increased tips and the whole thing will snowball in your favour. (Action point: measure wines sales before and after a glassware upgrade or do a staff incentive based on wine sales.)

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