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Before you start any journey, you have to know where you are going. Follow the guide below to set up your profile on Learning Curve’s Powered by WineEd learning portal. If you have any problems accessing the training contact your tutor. They will be happy to help.

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STEP ONE – Follow the link and set your profile password

Your learning journey starts with an email inviting you to join our online learning portal. Click on the link to join us and start learning. The first step is setting the password for your own Learning Curve profile.

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STEP TWO – Tell us about you

We would love to get to know you. After setting your password tell us a little more about yourselves by filling in a few details. We use this information to put you into groups so you can learn alongside your friends and colleagues.

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STEP THREE – Meet your dashboard and start your course

Meet your Learning Curve dashboard. The dashboard is your training hub. It shows the different courses you are taking and tracks your progress through them. Descriptions of the courses you are taking appear in the middle of your dashboard. Start a course by clicking on the purple START button on the bottom right of the course description.

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STEP FOUR – Start your first module

Your dashboard changes when you start a course. You will see a list of course modules on the left hand side of your dashboard. You will complete all of the modules during the course. The first module will already be selected for you. Click on the purple START button in the middle of the dashboard to start the first module.

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STEP FIVE – The module home screen

Launching a module will take you to the home screen. The learning journeys that you take with WineEd should start and end at the home screen. Click on the second purple circle at the bottom of the screen to start learning

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STEP SIX – Moving through the module

During a module, you can reveal more of your training by scrolling down. When you reach the end of the module you need to return to the home screen. Click on the HOME button on the end of the module to return there.

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STEP SEVEN – Save your progress

You put time in learning, so it is important to save your progress when you finish a module. Remember to shut the content window and not the learning portal. You can shut the content window by clicking on the X icon on the top right corner of the Home screen.

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STEP EIGHT – Moving on to the next module

After you shut a content window you return to your course dashboard. When you are ready to continue learning, click on the pink ‘Next Module’ icon on the top right of the dashboard. This will select the next module for you. Then click on the pink LAUNCH button in the middle of the dashboard.